From the desk of Cassidy Fisher - Safety Coordinator -

Safety is our Goal

Builder’s Unlimited, Inc. strives to maintain a safe work environment for all involved in the workplace. We believe safety starts from the top and goes downward throughout the company. Our primary goal is to operate a profitable business while protecting and educating all personnel on accurate safety procedures. This can be achieved in part by delegating responsibility and accountability to all involved in daily operations. Employees are issued a safety handbook that is designed to give them a broad look at the safest methods to operate a safe workplace. As the safety officer of Builder’s Unlimited, Inc., it is my duty to assist in the initiation, education and execution of an effective safety program. Supervisors/Foreman are to enforce and manage, Employees are to first be trained and competent to act in a safe manner. Each employee hired is given a short safety orientation and safety manual.  The safety manual has various safety procedures, quick cards, specific programs (such as HAZCOM & Drug Free), report templates, response plans, first aid guidelines, safe motor vehicle, etc. Builder’s Unlimited, Inc. encourages employee’s input to improve and suggest changes that can increase project production. 

BUI holds 1-2 mandatory safety meetings each quarter at the office, which covers issues that have occurred on the projects. 
Supervisors are to carry out a weekly safety meeting on their jobsite w/BUI employees and other personnel on the jobsite.

- Achievements & Accolades -

  • Certificates of Excellence June 2009-June 2010
  • Certificate of Excellence June 2012-2013